Kevin F. Boone

I’ve had two aunts residing at the Sunlife Assisted Living Home in Bowie, Maryland, one of whom passed away a few months ago at the age of 96, while her 91 years young sister still resides there. Because they were never married and childless, and no longer able to care for themselves in the home they shared with their centenarian father (and my grandfather), who 20 years ago transitioned, I searched for a place where they would be well-cared for. As their power-of-attorney and nephew, it was my duty, and pleasure, to find such a place, a nurturing home-away-from-home, and found it at Sunlife, into which they moved three years ago. And for a caring, well-trained staff, they thrived. Indeed, they make clients feel safe, respected, comfortable, well-fed (individual dietary restrictions are respected), and keep clean and sanitary clients and home. Additionally, residents are treated to birthday parties, holiday revelry and meals, books and magazines, and I’ve often witnessed them playing games, and enjoying and participating in music offered by a singer-keyboardist and his daughter. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, staff follows Maryland state rules and regulations mandated to protect residents and visitors. I highly recommend the Sunlife Assisted Living Home owned by Denise Philips-Powell.